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By Pastor Jones ISBN Code: 9781919942162

A devout Christian finds her love for her handsome pastor complicated by the fact that he has secretly switched bodies with the church gardener in this contemporary, faith-based fairy tale from the producers of Color of the Cross. Valerie (Octavia Kinte) works for the church, and she's secretly smitten with her boss Pastor Ray (Spencer Scott). But while Valerie's little crush is common knowledge to everyone in the congregation, the pious object of her affections remains blissfully unaware of her true feelings for him. Fate takes a strange turn of events when, on the very same day that Valerie decides to make the first move, Pastor Ray switches bodies with the kindly church gardener (Marquis Henderson). Valerie always knew that romancing a man of God would have its fair share of challenges, but who could have known that things would ever get this complicated?