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By Pastor Jones ISBN Code :

A man of God finds that life can have its fair share of surprises in this religious comedy directed by and starring Jean-Claude LaMarre. Pastor Jones (LaMarre)' mentor and spiritual advisor has just passed away. In saying goodbye to his longtime friend, Pastor Jones makes the shocking discovery that the dearly departed was in fact his biological father. Of course this shocking revelation opens the floodgates for a whole series of surprises, including the fact Pastor Jones also has a pair of half-sisters. After becoming the pastor of his father's church, the humble holy man embarks on a sincere mission to sort out his family relations. Meanwhile, congregation member Dr. Wilkins (Sid Burston), a longtime supporter of the church, schemes to spend millions on the construction of a lavish new cathedral. Perhaps with a little luck, Pastor Jones will prove capable of summoning the spiritual strength needed to ensure that good triumphs over evil.