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Simplify the administrative tasks involved in managing your church with Membership Plus Standard

Membership Plus Version 12 Standard has everything you need to easily manage a small church or organization.  Maintain member, visitor and organizational information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, group and activity participation, contributions and pledges, spiritual development, volunteer tracking, spiritual gifts, talent tracking, and more.

Key Features:

  • Keep important family, individual, and organizational information up-to-date, consistent, and at your fingertips
  • Customize data for your specific needs with an unlimited number of user defined fields and dates
  • Create and record an unlimited amount of notes by type for individuals, families and organizations
  • Store an unlimited amount of phone numbers and email addresses
  • Maintain alternate addresses, with activation dates, for college students, military personnel and people with winter or summer homes
  • Customizable grids allow you to sort, group and/or filter records by any standard field such as family or individual name, envelope number, member status, gender, birthday and more
  • Customizable quick lists can be printed directly from the family or individual grid list
  • Deactivate records with a simple click to eliminate them from being included in reports, labels, lists, searches and filters
  • Easily add people to Groups from the individual or family record
  • Import individual and family pictures from digital files or scanned images
  • Create phone directories and church directories with or without pictures
  • Print mailing labels, 3 x 5 cards, ID badges or name tags
  • Quickly view a map and driving directions to any person's address right from their record


  • Enter individual or combined contributions entries
  • Track an unlimited amount of giving funds using fund names or fund numbers
  • Track multi-year giving history
  • Indicate if a fund is a tax deductible fund or non tax deductible fund fund (can be overwritten during contribution entry)
  • Record pledges for individuals, families or organization by fund and pledge period
  • Record gifts to multiple giving funds in one contribution entry
  • Customizable grids allow you to sort, group and/or filter records by contributor, contribution amount, check number, date, deposit id, batch, created date and more
  • Print quick lists directly from the contribution list views
  • Copy previous contributions for those who repeatedly give the same amount to the same fund(s)
  • Print Contribution Statements and Receipts including Canadian Tax Receipts


  • Manage an unlimited number of groups, committees, volunteers, and activities
  • Track an unlimited number of members for each group
  • Track roles for each person that is a member of a group
  • Print mailing labels, reports and lists for members of a group
  • Collect, maintain and manage information about your members unique spiritual gifts, time, and talents
  • Manage outreach programs


  • Track visitors and prospects
  • Easily convert prospects to members
  • Quickly track inward and outward visits
  • Create customizable visit response codes
  • Report on completed and/or scheduled visits
  • Generate lists of visits by assigned callers, visitors or teams

Reporting, Security, &  More

  • Choose from 100+ standard reports and customize by adding logos, colors and more
  • Easily print mailing labels and generate reports
  • Export reports to pdf, html, csv or txt formats to attach to emails or insert into publications
  • Set security per user and/or module
  • Purchase multi-user licenses for up to 4 users