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When it is said of you that you put “gentle” in gentleman, then you know it can only be God. These were the words used to describe my brother Katlego. Like any man, he had hopes, dreams, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and fears, but he conquered them through the God-time sessions we shared. That time with God shaped and moulded him to be the man he was—a true testimony that only God can change a man! This book takes you through some of the God-time conversations such as the following:

• The quest to seek—seeking God’s kingdom

• Breaking the altars of the fathers—establishing godly foundations

• Living sacrifices—pursuing purity

• Behind the suit—mannerisms

• For such a time as this—pursuing your purpose

• Becoming the Job 29 man—unpacking the Job 29 man

This book will inspire you to be part of the remnant of men God will use in this generation. I encourage you to journey with this book, and you will crack the gentleman’s code!